Monthly Archives: November 2013

“Fates” Official Record Release!

This baby’s name is “Fates,” mainly because she was a collaboration between three women: me, engineer/psychic sister Bella Blasko, and mastering engineer Sarah Register. Because the intention was to capture honest, intimate impressions of these songs, it was essential to create a safe, sacred-feeling studio environment: we tracked over the course of three days in our friend’s vibey attic in Hudson, with great attention paid to process and the personal catharsis inherent in the creative act. I played guitar, flute and clarinet and Bella added some sweet backing vocals and shimmery piano touches. In mixing we dug into some spooky ambient soundscape creation using exclusively acoustic instruments. It was challenging and empowering and fun as hell and I hope y’all dig it.

Stream for $free.99, download for $7… think of it as a retroactive kickstarter, haha 😉

Also available on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!